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Born: 03.02.1970 in Wolfsburg
Thomas Möckesch came as a 11-year-old by a whim of his father and mother to the desire to deal with music. Initially, only tiring and annoying practice, but later pure enthusiasm. 


Confirmation of his money, Thomas bought a first real synthesizer (Yamaha DX21). Thereupon he was infected by music literally. Now he no longer went to class only once a week but more than once. Later followed the classical piano lessons. 


But not only play the keyboard interested him, but also all the technology that was behind it. In the music school he came up with the first software sequencers from Steinberg on a Commodore SX-64 into contact.


In the music school he met like-minded people then you know and founded the first synth-pop band.


There were other bands and projects with different musicians.


Thomas went to Hamburg in 2001 and is continually working on his solo project "Möckesch".


2017 startete Tom das Techno Projekt „Moeckesch Mechanix“ mit dem ersten Album „PURE PAIN“ in 2020.

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