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First and foremost is the music.


Creativity by reduction.


Music inspired music inspired music ...

Musicans inspire musicians inspire musicians ...


Nothing comes back, everything is new, every day.


There are no bad sounds/patches, poorly used.


Every music has its place as long as the composer himself likes to hear.


The only real natural instrument is the human voice.

All other instruments are technical tools for making music.

No matter in what form. Be it a simple drum, a drum set, a guitar, a piano, a synthesizer or computer.

All these devices get their soul by the people / musicians which they operated.


Dynamics is not a bad thing.


One has mastered his instrument, practice is standard on all this, and every computer is only as good as the person behind it. So, practice.


Not every day is a creative day.

But every day is a day with music.

Simple work also belongs to. Without this paralyzing yourself




The number of tracks does not matter.


Delete hurts, but also exempt.

Courage to break.


Let yourself be distracted by anything.

Stay tuned, it's worth it.


Important are the details.

(80% of total employment)


The process of composition is the goal. The song is a nice side effect.


Musical masturbation is always in the game. Let it be.

But think of your fellow man.


Do your thing.

Let others talk. But also thinking about it at least once.

Criticism hurts ... but usually only briefly.

Sometimes it is good. Do not confuse you.

You like it? Then it is good.

Do your thing.


Presets are not bad, but rarely fit.

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